Whenever you want to surf the web! Through the use of an anonymous proxy site!

Some web sites use your IP address information for tracking your computer. By using the Proxy62 website you can display any restricted webpage in any browser without fear of potential attacks. Many people have found out that they can now view all the content they want. This site is a great way to get past certain blocks and get your requested information. You can feel safe knowing that your data, privacy, and identity is protected. Since you are anonymous on the internet you can browse the web and chat with friends back home. We protect your privacy and anonymity on the internet - hackers, spammers and identity thieves can use it to find more information about you. It is vital to take steps to defend yourself on your home computer. We encourage all users to use a web proxy all the time. It is also recommended that you find the best unblocker websites, so bookmark us now and check back often!

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You can find just about everything you want to surf using an anonymous identity

Whenever you surf the internet your IP address will be hidden through our private server. These kind of features allows anyone to surf the web unrestricted and completely anonymously. Unblock your favorite Youtube videos with only a single click away.

Cyber Security Shield

It will hide your online identity with ease

There are certainly ways as to how to hide IP address to be anonymous on the Net. And to hide the information on what you did while there. By using a web proxy, users will be able to view any site without restrictions. This way nobody can detect where you are coming from.

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Enhancing security to the extreme

Since Proxy Servers help online security, you should know how to set up an extra defensive shield without downloading any software. When you surf through a proxy you will be able to protect your IP address, browse anonymously, and keep your identity hidden. This is the best way to use the Internet.

Restricted Internet

Proxy62 can use all the social networks and even Youtube videos

Since our proxy reroutes your traffic, you can watch all kinds of video clips that you've long desired for. It can also help protect your IP address and our encrypted connection prevents monitoring of your network traffic. This way, nobody can detect where you are requesting resources or services. Just type the website address you want visit to have your personal information completely concealed. No software or user registration is required to use this service. Let us help you change your IP address for free without some catch involved.

Web sites can sniff out information about you everytime you surf the web

A proxy handles the exchange of data between the client and the destination web server where your wanted page is hosted. This is a great way to bypass network filters and blocks that your ISP enforces on your internet. Proxy62 is a great way to get past georestriction blocks from multiple countries through which you can view unrestricted videos. We believe Youtube should be free for all to browse. Using a free anonymous proxy server can be beneficial to your operation to protect your sensitive data.

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